Sheet Metal Fabrication

Utilizing mixed technologies to produce quality parts quickly


When you call IIT, you are talking to a custom manufacturer, not a broker.

Our knowledgeable staff will help you sort through design and fabrication issues while assisting you through the ordering process. Because we are never satisfied with the "standard", IIT, Inc. has taken forming another step forward. Since we never know what our customers have in store for us from day to day, we have taken the initiative and will create in-house tools and die builds for custom work. Our standard tooling offers a wide variety of radius sizes.



Hydro Cutting

Also known as water jet cutting, hydro cutting produces products with exact tolerances and exact repeatability. this method of cutting produces the same quality you are use to from stamping, but without the added cost and limitations of the tooling required for stamping.

Accommodating both metallic and non-metallic materials, and thicknesses up to 6 inches, hydro cutting allows for product shipment in two days or less.

Sheet metal enclosures formed to exact tolerances using CNC press brakes with 0.001" Ram repeatability.

Testing Form, Fit, and Function? Prototype sheet metal pieces, without finish, ship in 2 business days.